“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

― Albert Einstein



FOCUS: Cutting edge health options, Spirit-Mind-Body, Inventors, Science related, Self-help, Writers, Speakers, Filmmakers, Product release ( we are open to other areas as well)


What are your goals, what’s in your imagination? We pull it all together by creating press releases; pitch letters and media kits uniquely representing you. From there we present you/your service and product to targeted media opportunities. We spread the word!

  •  Targeted Marketing!
  • A network of over 850,000 contacts (1.6million possibilities)
  • Newspapers! Broadcast outlet! Magazines! Digital/Online/Bloggers



  • Radio interviews /speaker booking – monthly packages
  • Need a Media Kit?
  • Prepare Press Releases/Distribution – Single or monthly packages
  • Publishing
  • Social media presence/maintenance – Single or monthly packages
  • Email blast/campaign (custom designed) – Single or monthly packages
  • Event coordinating/marketing
  • Audio book production
  • Book trailer
  • Webdesign