About Us

SONIA BARRETT has an extensive background in both event planning and booking in the Hollywood arena. She has worked on the following projects: ICM's coveted Oscar party, Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes post wedding celebration in Beverly Hills, Joel Silver (Producer of the Matrix trilogy) numerous events, Michael Jordan Golf Tournament (yearly Bahamas event), Walt Disney employee events, Paramount Pictures charity events, Victoria Secret to name a few including a number of corporate events. She later expanded her knowledge into Public Relations and Marketing providing affordable  services using the leading software to market your products and services to thousands.  

She is founder of Timeline Publishing & Media Relations Inc, Editor of Reality Bridge Magazine, Author of The Holographic Canvas; the fusing of Mind and Matter and A Journey of Possibilities  She is also a Film Maker/Producer of The Business of Disease documentary www.thebusinessofdisease.com . Sonia Barrett is also an internationally known lecturer and speaker and radio guest. She has many years of first hand expertise in successfully promoting her own work. 

LILLIAN FIDLER - Creative Design and Development for Web,Video and Print. Lillian has a proven track record in project management and in successfully bringing hundreds of projects to fruition. This is evident in her portfolio which spans over four hundred projects across the spectrum of cultural and heritage design, entertainment, government, business and commercial applications. She has received multiple award nominations for her design work. Her successes are due, in part, to ensuring that each client’s vision and goals are understood and conveyed, whether that be in a print ad or a multi-media presentation.

For Lillian, her clients' projects are number one and no project is too big or too small.

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